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Kara Zmatiq headlines Pride Month at Hide Out Bar and Grill Mittagong, the only venue in the Southern Highlands that celebrates the LGBTQI+ community, a night of music, dancing, and celebration of love and diversity was had by all who attended!


Celebrating Pride in the Southern Highlands: A Night of Glitz, Glamour, and Inclusivity at Hide Out Bar and Grill, Mittagong

Mittagong recently lit up with rainbow hues and glittering performances as The Hide Out Bar and Grill Mittagong played host to an unforgettable Pride celebration.


Picture this: a cozy venue transformed into a vibrant oasis of love and acceptance, where guests from all walks of life gathered to celebrate Pride Month like never before.

The night kicked off with performances that set the stage on fire.


Kara Zmatiq, hailed as Australia's Best Live Singing Drag Queen and now crowned 'Southern Highlands Queen of Drag', dazzled the audience with her powerhouse vocals and magnetic presence.


Joining her was the sensational burlesque and cabaret starlet Angelique Stevens, whose acts left everyone spellbound from feather dances to electric pole dance and strip routines!

Adding to the mix was DJ Alan Power, the maestro behind the turntables who infused the evening with campness, flamboyance, and pure fabulousness. The dance floor was alive with beats that kept spirits soaring high throughout the night.

But it wasn't just about the performances; it was about creating a space where everyone felt welcomed and celebrated. Hide Out Bar and Grill's decision to embrace Pride Month resonated deeply, making it the go-to venue in the Southern Highlands for inclusivity and community support.

"We're overjoyed by the turnout and the incredible energy that filled the venue," shared Sarah, Owner of The Hide Out Mittagong. "Seeing the community come together to celebrate diversity and unity reaffirms why events like this are so important, especially in the Southern Highlands. Kara Zmatiq and her whole team at Soiree Cabaret Productions were amazing to work with, I can not express how much gratitude I have for them as performers and event producers, they shine like stars and made our night of LGBTQI+ celebration possible, could not have done this without them!"

From themed cocktails to rainbow decorations, every detail at Hide Out Bar and Grill spoke volumes about its commitment to fostering a safe and enjoyable environment for all. We were also very thankful to see representatives of the ACON HEALTH team in attendance.

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