" Two Hearts . One Mind "


A well-coordinated duo, although never setting eyes on each other in the same mirror: Braeden Rhys and Kara Zmatiq.


The private person and the gender-illusion personality which takes the world by storm respect and appreciate each other. Two unique personalities with dynamic life stories, both of which believe in equality and freedom of self-expressionism.


Kara Zmatiq owes "her" existence to the fact that Braeden had been dealing with an isolated world and constant ridicule for being unique and artistic, not fitting in with society and unafraid of standing up for believing in a better world and boundless creativity.


Kara Zmatiq is defined by the colour "pink" and "crimson red" delicate colours  which represent romance, charm, tenderness, universal love of oneself and of others,

feminimity, passion and affirmative action


Genders as well as their differences are mixed up in this gender illusion and the artist Braeden Rhys drops his disguise at the latest when arriving at his dressing room


Braeden was born September 2, 1991 in Sydney, Australia and grew up in the small town of Macarthur. Creative at heart visually and musically, he embraced and nurtured talents in playwrigihting, composition, design, woodwind instruments and performing arts


Countless awards, recognition for excellence in theatre, music, design, photography and community development for less fortunate youth and the discovery of drag and the wider queer community lead to Kara Zmatiq first public appearance in Newcastle in 2013


Winning a local prize and title of Best Entertainer as part of ACON Time To Shine Awards held in Newcastle, cemented Kara Zmatiq as Newcastle's Queen Of Drag embraced by the wider community with word spreading rapidly of "her" vocal talents


In 2014, having relocated to Newcastle and following countless hens partieis, community festivals, charity and spokesperson work for Leukeamia Foundation, Cancer Council and Food Within, Kara shares the spotlight with Samantha Jade and Anja Nissan


2015, is about to become the most successful year to date: Kara Zmatiq is invited to represent and march as the face of a leading Gay Activist Organisation, headlines the Sydney Mardi Gras Fair Day and wins over 85,000 global fans with debut single 'Queen'


Guaranteeing audiences classic, sophisticated, high-energy and theatrical on-point entertainment, be it as a singer, star of the Newcastle cabaret scene with self devised productions 'Soiree Cabaret" or in the political arena embracing equality


Notably the "Queen Of Drag" the key phrase used by the press including Newcastle Weekly, Focus Magazine and 4ZZZ FM Radio, debut single QUEEN was released to inspire all to embrace their unique sense of pride and express their individuality


Kara Zmatiq will continue to pursue her goals in three areas:

music, theatre and human rights


Love. Freedom. Kara Zmatiq